Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manhattan From The Sky

As most of the country has been experiencing, this crazy polar vortex weather has been out of control. I'm over it. I want summer. I am sick of the snow. Make it stop damn it! Rant.Over.Even.Though.The.Snow.Is.Not. So one crazy morning a few weeks ago we had a crazy fog in the area. Crazy fog does not even begin to describe. Getting to the train was tricky and everyone was creeping through the streets to get to work. It was unbelievable! But nothing was more unbelievable than when I showed up at work and peeked out the window. 

If you can ignore the ugly office lights reflecting in the windows, I think this view is pretty unbelievable. The first picture is a view looking uptown and you honestly can't see anything except the buildings across the street and a block up. But the rest are all views of the Jersey side across the Hudson River. Only the skyscrapers are visible, like the world below doesn't even exist. Just buildings floating on clouds, protruding from the mists. It stayed like this for majority of the day and then quickly disappears late afternoon like it never happened. It was better than being on an airplane above the clouds - more realistic, kind of. It's kind of hard to describe it as anything other than beautiful. It was beautiful.

Like Kate Voegele once said...or wrote a song, "Manhattan From The Sky". And that is exactly what it was. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Week of Hockey - Part II

After our terrible loss on that lovely Tuesday, I wasn't too worried because we would be playing the Islanders again the next week in the Stadium Series. If you are not familiar with hockey I will gladly fill you in. For the first tim ever, the NHL and Coors Light decided to host several hockey series around the country which would take place in an outdoors baseball stadium. Obviously baseball stadiums are outside. Duh. So in NY there was a 3 game series, Rangers vs Devils, Rangers vs Islands and Devils vs Islanders. We had been waiting for tickets to go on sale for MONTHS and when they finally hit the internet shops we were on it. Tickets, of course were ridiculously expensive but we waited a little while longer and bought tickets that were just mildly expensive. 
Excited was an understatement. However, we were never expecting NY/NJ to get one of the coldest winters. Ever. But we figured hey! We will layer up, drink up and suck it up. We were going to watch the NY Rangers play one of our biggest rival teams in the legendary Yankee Stadium. It was seriously a once in a lifetime experience, because who knew if they were ever going to have another serious like this one. Plus we were all pumped up about the big loss on Tuesday so we were ready to for a big win and a fun experience. 
Well an experience we had. Let.Me.Tell.You. I guess you never truly realize how many people show up to Yankee games, because most of the fans are located in New York and take the subway but when you have Ranger fans from both NY and NJ plus NJ Devils fans=WAY too many cars and not enough parking. So we were stuck in a ridiculous amount of traffic or really dead stop cars all over the place trying to figure out where to go since every parking garage was filled. Okay I'm done complaining about such a fun day. We finally made it in there and it was crazy!! Hockey fans are pretty crazy on a normal day but for such a special occasion it was amazing to see everyone so hyped up and excited for the game. 
If I told you it was cold there I would be lying. It was beyond freezing. Remember when I said I am done complaining??  I need to document this so I will never forget the coldest day in my entire life. Like I said we have been having one of the coldest winters ever. It was approx. 17 degrees on this lovely Sunday afternoon, it just snowed the day before and there was a chance of flurries around 3pm. Plus in any outdoor stadium there is always a wind tunnel...and it was pretty windy! But that didn't stop almost 60,000 people and it didn't stop us. But it should have. I had on more layers than you could possible imagine - I dressed for an Antarctica excursion. I was always told...dress COLD. Cleanliness. avoid Overdressing. Loose layers. Dryness. C.O.L.D. Did.Not.Work.One.Bit. I still froze. I was so cold that I didn't even want to drink. That's how you know its bad!
We all looked ridiculous all bundled up and and I was dancing around like a crazy person but in my mind movement was best? No. Still didn't help. What did help was heading to the bathroom between periods and just, well hang out! It was so warm in there it gave you a little break from the bitterness outside. And then it started to snow. Wonderful. I guess we were numb enough that the snow just made for a good story and it made the wintery outdoor game that much more outdoorsy feeling. It was such a cool experience and such an authentic hockey feel. 
Aside from not being able to move any of my limbs or phalanges the game was awesome!! The Rangers killed it and kicked lots of Devils booty!! We ended up winning 7-3. YES 7-3!!!! They couldn't have played any better. We were yelling and giving high fives all around to celebrate. We had a great view and I was able to watch with great people and if I could do it all over again, I would. It was an experience and a memory I will always have, to say I saw an amazing hockey game played in one of the most famous baseball stadiums. And of course to celebrate our well deserved win..FIREWORKS!! My favorite thing in the world are fireworks! Such a great day of hockey. 
You can bet your bottom dollar I was more than happy to get into the car though. Anyone get a chance to go to the other Stadium Series games in Chicago and LA?? 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Week of Hockey - Part I

Hockey has been a part of my family for years and years! My dad played when he was growing up, my uncles have played and still play, my cousins play(ed) girls and guys, my brother has been playing since he was 3 and my boyfriend grew up playing and still plays as well. To say we are hockey fans is an understatement! For the Olympics, we all woke up at 7:00am last Saturday and Sunday (my entire "relaxing" weekend) and headed over to my uncles house for breakfast and to watch USA play. We are died hards for some hockey. 

For Christmas, my aunt and uncle bought us all tickets to go see the NY Rangers play in the NY Islanders in January. BIG.RIVAL.GAME. This had to be one of the best presents I received this year and one that was not at all expected. We are pretty simple and usually just give/receive money because we are a bunch of pains in the butt and my aunt would rather us be happy and buy something we truly want. But this was definitely something I wouldn't have thought of to spend my money on, and this was just too special for them to even think about doing for all of us, together

So on January 21st, all 5 of us, headed up to Madison Square Garden to catch the game. Except mother nature felt like playing little games with us, because going to the game and having a great time was just too easy. That day, NY received one of the biggest snow storms. The snow came down that day so hard and fast, and the city was just unable to keep up with it. Luckily, my one cousin and I work in the city so getting to the game was a breeze. Two of my other cousins headed into the city early enough but one had car trouble and they had to wait for AAA to come bail him out. My poor brother left work early, and what normally takes him 25-30 minutes to get back into town from work to catch the train took him over 2 hours! Yeah, this storm was not messing around. He missed his initial train and was waiting at the train station for another 45 minutes for the next one. Finally, he made it to the city and we all got to enjoy some dinner and a few drinks and talk about how excited we were for the game. 

It was such a good game and I always have such a great time with them. We are always laughing and making fun of each other, just as cousins should. Unfortunately, we had lost the game after being up 3-1 the entire time, but we were playing them again later in the week so it was just a matter of time till we sought out our revenge!!! I kid..not really. This is a rivalry people. 

And for a little entertainment, apparently the guy in front of us wanted no part of being at the game and was bored out of his mind, because he decided there was more important things he rather be watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Proof below. 

Come on guy! You're at a damn hockey game!! Not even I wanted to be watching the RHBH! Where are your priorities sir? There is a game going on and we would prefer to have the MSG channel on for replays please and thank you! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jumped On That Bandwagon...

I am normally not a huge makeup fan. The basic quick brush of a bronzer, eye liner and mascara and I'm out the door...well most times I am briskly putting on my mascara in the car on my way to the train station, but all in all, that's pretty much it. I don't have time in the morning to mess with a primer, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, blush yada yada. Don't get me wrong, on a Saturday night going to a club or a bar or even to dinner with the boy, I will spend the time to get dolled up. Let's face it, what girl doesn't love getting all pretty for a night out. But still, I wasn't a huge fan of foundation or concealer. I didn't like the way my face felt with it on and I always felt like I was clogging up my pores with gunk. 

This winter has been brutal, and I must have not gotten a dark enough tan last summer because I am looking quite pasty these days and decided I needed to do something about it. Every once in a while I will use a tinted moisturizer but I felt like I needed something else to save my pale colorless self. So I did what any girl would do, and hit up Ulta for some inspiration. I have heard about BB Cream for a while now and heard nothing but excellent things, so that's what I decided to do. I purchased the Too Faced BB Creme and I have to say I am quite impressed. 

This stuff is so light and fluffy (I sound like I'm describing a cake #fatgirlproblems) but it is! I'm not too sure about the brush, so I am open to any recommendations for something better, but this stuff is pretty great. It goes on smooth and I barely feel like I have anything on my face. It doesn't feel greasy, which I HATE, and it doesn't feel cakey, which I also HATE. It is light but also has great coverage. Any little bumps, pores or lines I see on my face are easily covered up without feeling like I am going to regret it the next morning when they look worse. I can honestly say my face has actually looked better since I have been using it. Now don't get it twisted, I am not using it every day before work, ain't nobody got time for that still. But I do try to get it in as quickly as possible if I notice I have a few extra minutes in my morning, and I definitely wore it this past weekend. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this stuff. And it is not that expensive at all! I feel like certain makeup products can run you quite a bit of money but the price is right for this bad boy. As I continue on my new makeup purchasing journey I would love if you have any other great products out there to recommend for this lady over here. What's your favorite foundation or concealer? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cell Phone Crashing

When I was in college, my friends and I loved to sit around the computer and find the most ridiculous videos and just laugh hysterically for hours! Forget studying and when it was cold out, our campus was solo cold and windy on top of the hill. So we would hibernate in comfy clothes eat Easy Mac and just laugh! I don't think I have wandered through YouTube since then. However I came across this video and for some reason I thought it was pretty funny. And what fun is a funny video if your the only one laughing?? So for you my loves...a good laugh! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carabox Reveal!

This was the first time I participated in the Wifessionals Carabox exchange, and I have to say WHAT an experience the last 3 months have been. Not only did I get to know two really great women, but they were from my home state! I had the honor of receiving a box from Jen and I was double honored to be able to send a box to Krista. In the last few months I had the opportunity to speak to both ladies and get to know them so well. We spent time chatting through emails, stalking each others blog and I really got the chance to see what their lives are like through instagram. Without further a box from Jenn! She absolutely understood my love for cooking. This box was full of baking supplies which I can always use plenty of, especially when they are so cute!

Jen's hand written note was the first thing I saw when I opened my box and it was so sweet. This girl has the nicest things to say and I can't wait to continue to chat with her and continue our bloggie friendship!

And then this happened...So thank god I actually started to take pictures opening my box. The chocolate chip cookies didn't stand a chance. They were baked before I got home from work the next day so that was it for them! At least I got to bake the brownies which were oh so delicious!

Sweets just don't stand a chance in this house!! 

Jen also thought about the love of my life...little Miley girl. She made the cutest little home made dog treats for her! Puppy wasn't feeling too well a few days before so I waited to give them to her, but once I did, those things didn't stand a chance either! I swear she asks to go out in the yard 5 times more than normal just to come in and get one. I'm going to have to bug Jen for that recipe! 

And, my favorite piece of my box was these adorable hand painted glasses! How cute are they?! Aside from my cooking obsession, I love wine. It is the perfect compliment for cooking no?! Anyway they are adorable and I tried them our right away. The verdict...success! I love the little things, and this is definitely a little thoughtful gift that means so much and it represents my first Carabox swap and that is close to my heart. 

Thank you so much Jen and Krista for letting me learn so much about your little families and your daily lives. I'm am so blessed to have two new friendships! I can't wait to start a new swap next month. Thank you Kaitlyn for putting together this special experience for all us ladies! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bridal Shower!

Last Sunday I had the honor of celebrating one of my dearest friend’s bridal shower! It was such a special day for her, and I was so happy to be a part of her special day. Funny story about the gift though…you will quickly learn there is always a funny, awkward, glitch in the story with anything I do. Just my lovely life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Makes for a good…story I guess!

Stolen from Kate via Facebook :)

So the bride and groom were registered at Macys and Bed Bath and Beyond which I love, and is also pretty useless information for this story. Anyway, I go on the registry about 2 weeks before the shower to scope it out and see what I wanted to purchase and bring with me. I found what I wanted, proceeded to check out as any normal person and was quickly reminded of the option to have the gift(s) delivered to the bride for better accommodations. In my mind “perfect idea!”. In reality, not so much. I proceed to checkout, fill in all the required information and breathe a sigh of relief. That is done, check it off this to-do list.
Well…sadly this was not the “perfect idea” Courtney because I totally forgot that the shower was A SURPRISE and the bride had absolutely no idea the shower was coming. When she would have received my gift in the mail from her registry it would have been quite the spoiler alert receiving a gift off her registry in the middle of February for absolutely no reason when the wedding isn’t until April. Smooth Courtney…reeeaallllll smooth!
I had a major minor heart attack and panicked that the gift was going to get to her before the shower and I would been the big jerk to ruin the surprise that her mother and sister have been planning for months! So in the middle of my panic attack I called Macys as I’m pacing the kitchen, phone in sweaty hands and breathing like I ran from the cops after a high school house party. I explained the situation to the sweetest women ever, who also laughed at my stupidity, and told me I couldn’t switch the address for delivery, but had to cancel the order completely and re-order my gifts using my shipping address.
Oh you thought that was the end of the funny story, no. So I say “Oh, okay that’s fine”, but it wasn’t because now if I have it delivered to my house with my new order it wouldn’t get to me before the shower without spending $20 on shipping. Sorry Macys I refuse to spend such useless money. Now, it was either have it delivered to my house late and that was even more stupid than my first stupid idea (see above). I thought to myself, oh this is great! Now that the gift will not be delivered before the shower I can then go ahead and have it delivered right to the bride, no problems, no spoiler alerts. Now this is PERFECT!
At the shower I give Kate my card and explain the gift would be delivered to her house. No hassle and one less box to stuff in the car and lug home, and trust me, this lucky lady was so fortunate to have so many beautiful gifts, she didn’t miss having my boxes to load up. And I think to myself you are such a smarty pants! Good job! Fast forward two days after the shower and my friend texts me to make sure I had it delivered to her house because her mom brought all of the delivered gifts to the shower for her to open in front of the guests who purchased them. I now check the tracking number while I’m sitting in work, in NYC, nowhere near home, and see that only ONE PART of my gift was delivered….to my house! Really Macys really?
To say I was mortified, embarrassed and felt like a total jerk was an understatement. Yes, she is a very good friend of mine and her fiancĂ© is Luke’s best friend, but still. I was mortified, embarrassed and felt like a total jerk.
Long story longer the pretty little bride finally received my gifts and her sweet little self had no problem with the tardiness. AND a few other guests had issues sending gifts to her house also! SO it turned out it wasn’t 100% my fault which made me feel a little better, but really Macys? Really? So much for convenience “ship to the bride and groom” shipping.
In the end, it was a beautiful shower, she was absolutely surprised and had the best day of her life…for now. Congrats to my favorite couple, Kate and Chris!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Furry

This little lady needed a haircut...desperately. I tried to keep it as long as I could because it has been pray-tay chilly in these parts and she loves to run around outside no matter much the temperature falls below zero and playing in the snow is her all time favorite. So long hair don't care was my attitude. But as the same as my hair on day 4 of dry shampoo, sometimes your just need to suck it up and wash it. So off to the dog groomer we went and what a pretty girl she came out. 

Looking oh so plump and lazy

However, still the happiest little pup in the tri-state area.


So fresh and so clean, clean. 


I can't get enough of spending my days with this beauty. Sometimes she can be a true diva and she has been named the queen of this palace here in NJ, but she is the best queen in all the land. I love my fluff ball, fluffy or groomed. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

So There's This Boy...

*Disclaimer: lovie dovie words and pictures ahead. You've been warned!

...and he is the funniest guy around

...and he always has the most interesting things to say

...and no matter how mad/sad/angry/hangry I am, he can make me smile

...and he says the corniest jokes
...and he makes me giggle multiple times a day

...and he has my back no matter what

...and he always knows the right things to say

...and he comes up with crazy ideas that most of the time makes perfect sense

...and he has a heart of gold

...and he would do anything for anyone no matter who you are

...and he is the most selfless person

...and he drives me crazy

...and he puts up with my craziness


...and he has my whole entire heart

Happy Valentine's Day
to my love and everyone else I love
and ALL of you because I love you too!