30 before 30

So this seems to be a blogging trend and I already maintain a bucket list so I figured why not make a 30 before 30 to really motivate some of the list! Maybe this will make 30 seem a little further away than it is! :)

Courtney's 30 before 30 list
To be completed by September 2, 2018

1.       Run a half marathon.
2.      Get in the best physical shape of my life. (at least for a little while until #6)
3.      Finish paying off my student loans.
4.      Purchase my first home.
5.      Get married.
6.      Be a mommy (or at least preggo!)
7.       Grow this blog to 1,000 readers.
8.      Travel to Arizona for a weekend spa trip.
9.      Have my entire family over for a holiday.
10.   Finish the 3 crochet blankets I’ve started.
11.    Visit all 50 states (22 so far!!)
12.   Get on a plane at least once a every year. (2014 - Charleston/Savannah)
13.   Travel out of the country 2 times.
14.   Get a promotion.
15.   Throw a “Pinterest” themed party
16.   Grow my hair out and donate to Locks of Love.
17.    Go on a spontaneous getaway weekend.   (Went to Nashville July 4th Weekend!)
18.   Hike through a National Park. (or two)
19.   Make eating healthy into a lifestyle instead of a ‘diet’
20.  Eat gluten-free for 30 days.
21.   Restrain from spending ‘stupid’ money/save more
22.  Make a new recipe every month.
23.  Plan a round of golf with the boyfriend. (this may be more for him than me)
24.  Attend the Church more often.
25.  Become a morning person.
26.  Anonymously help someone in need.
27.   Become a thrift-er! (Antique furniture DIY)
28.  Purchase an authentic piece of art.
29.  Go to the Macy's Day Parade in NYC
30.  Participate in a Charity Bike Marathon.


  1. I had a 30 Before 30 list too! I made the list right before I graduated college...and adjusted it several times before I turned 30...but it was so much fun checking things off the list! Have fun...and don't be afraid to make changes to the list (especially if you fulfill something but decide it's not worthy of the "30 Before 30"...just replace it with something more fun/exciting)!