About Me

Hey Hi Hellooo!
I’m Courtney, the crazy, all-over-the-place writer of this little blog I call
Business Suits and riding boots.
I am a Northern Jersey girl for the last wonderful 25 years of my life.
My whole life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m not your typical Jersey girl but I am dang proud of being who I am
and how many people can say they lived in the same cute little house their whole lives?

I currently work in New York City,
which is conveniently located in my front yard
about 15 drive or a 35 minute morning commute on the train.
I’m a dork and I truly love my job, yes it’s possible.
I have the cutest boyfriend in the world
and we have been dating for a glorious 5 years.

He was my best friend way before dating
and he is still the one person I can go to
or say anything to and feel waaay too comfortable.
He is the love of my life and one of these days
maybe we will make it really official…
maybe. ;)
He is not the only love my life.
Yes it’s true you can have more than one
and my other love is this pretty mama named Miley Rae,
 although I have about 276435 other names for her
which she may get called more often than Miley,
but she listens to them all so it works!

I have the most amazing crazy Italian family in the world
and I adore my just as crazy friends
which I'm sure you will be hearing about and seeing a lot of.

Thank you for stopping by this little world of mine and partaking on this little journey of adventures I call life.

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