Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday: Fall TV

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Happy freakin' Friday! Woof! This week seemed to last a lifetime, busy as (did I really just type ass? It doesn't look like it but I did - then deleted it. Cause well.. that's inappropriate but fully sums up that I seriously Friday couldn't have come at a better time) always but .. oh jeez let's just get on with it!
This Friday I am going to theme-it-up with five of my favorite fall shows right now! My DVR is swamped with shows and sometimes I have to pull the ole switcharoo because too many shows are recording at once but thankfully it is all there, waiting for a rainy day for my to sit and binge watch. 
one :: Sons of Anarchy. Swoon. I have been watching this show since Season 1 Episode 1 and I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am that this is the final season. It is one of those shows that you think to yourself, can things get any worse for these people - and it always always does! It is a little graphic and you do see some ta-tas and Charlie Hunnam's beautiful behind, but you really do fall in love with some of the characters and it is a perfect blend between action, drama, and love.
Ugh pure sex! Sorry had to do it.
two :: American Horror Story. This is another biggie I started watching from the beginning and I can't seem to stop. The season started Wednesday night and it is patiently waiting for me to press play! Each season is a different American urban legend horror themed story - hence the name of the show. Le duh! It is not scary either. I think people assume from the title it is a crazy horror film type show, but it's more intriguing and creepy than anything. I am still sticking with Season 1 was my favorite season so far but they are still pulling me in and I am still watching. I can't wait to see what Season 4 is all about - Freak Show!
three :: Nashville. Let's lighten things up a bit shall we? I love all things country! I have always wanted to move to Nashville and when this show started I knew I had to go! I did - it was amazing. Anyways, this show is the perfect mix of drama and country music. No matter what is going on with the characters, they always remember to go back to the music. When I first heard this show was coming out I had to watch, for Connie Britton. I have been a fan of hers since she was in Friday Night Lights - the TV show and I have loved her since then (She was also in Season 1 of American Horror Story). This show gets 5 stars and I can't wait to see what happens with everyone this season!
four :: The Walking Dead. This will be starting on Sunday and I am so excited! I feel like it hasn't been on in forever!! Now a days, people are all ampt up on this zombie apocolpys that is bound to happen. Glad I payed attention to this baby to teach me how to survive! Kidding. But it still is a good show. Last season was kind of a dead beat, so I am hoping that this season they can pick it back up again cause it really is a good one.
five :: Gotham. I had zero ZEE-ROOO interest in watching this show - at all. I was actually on the computer checking emails and such and my dad had it on in the background. Instantly hooked! It is only a few episodes in and I am sure you can watch online or on demand to play catch up. I am not a huge superhero fan and probably haven't seen a superhero movie in years but I do have to say if I had to chose one I actually knew most about it would be batman. Not to give too much away, and because there isn't too much to tell yet, this show takes place in Gotham obviously, but it is waaayyy before the days of Batman. It's all back stories with the same Gotham drama! Seriously you need to check this one out!!

And there ya have it! So go cuddle up on the couch on a cool fall night with a pumpkin flavored anything and watch some great shows!!

And have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Fragrance

Saturday was such a lousy day. It was one of those rainy, dark, gloomy days, where all you want to do is lay in bed with a broken-in pair of sweats and huge blanket and a good movie. As much as I would have loved to been out doors enjoying fall and all it has to offer, it just wasn't happening. Errands, chores and food prep was on the agenda which sounds like -10% fun in my weekend book. To make things seem all that not bad I decided to spice up the house while the day finally calmed down and I was finishing up with everything. I found the easiest recipe possible for an amazing fall fragrance for the house. If you know anything about us we are obsessed with candles! Obsessed!! But this recipe might just save me a buck or two during the fall and alternate in a few times a week instead of the constant candle burning.
I couldn't find the exact recipe I used to link, but it is super easy to remember what goes into it!
Fall Fragrance
1 Apple cored and cut
1 Orange peel
2 Cinnamon sticks
1 Tbs whole cloves
1 Tbs almond extract
1 Tbs vanilla
1.5 Cups of water
Put everything into a pot on the stove and simmer! Continue to add water as long as you desire the scent and to avoid the pot from burning.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Fall Foliage Festivity!

This past weekend was smack filled with fun things going on. Possibly more interesting for me than you but I am overly willing to share with you just in case! Friday night we celebrated one of my college besties 26th 22nd birthday. We decided we will not allow ourselves to be any older. We got all dolled up at her apartment in Queens, began with birthday dranks and headed out to the big city. B Bar was where we ended up, it's on the lower east side and I have to say I can't wait to go back. It was such a chill bar to hang out in, grab a table and still be able to enjoy each other's company. Totally going to contradict the 22 comment BUT I am so over being in bars, shoulder to shoulder with drunk idiots, spilling things and yelling for a spot at the bar. Rant over ... and I'm still not old back to being 22!


Saturday poured. And poured and poured and poured. Which means we did nothing worth telling. Lame. Errands, chores and laziness. Lame. Sunday started with my fall ritual, watching the boy play flag football. I have to say this was the first year I actually looking forward to watching him play, and hanging with the girls 'watching', but then It was 50 degrees at 9am and all those looking forwards turned into why?!!!! It was the first really cold freezing morning and I was not prepared. With my sweatshirt, green tea and all it was still blistering and I was not a happy camper. Thank goodness for good girl friends to watch with because we chatted the whole game away and before we knew it, it was over. The weather actually warmed up...a degree, or two, and the boy and we decided to be spontaneous and head up to Piermont, NY. FIRST FALL FOLIAGE FESTIVITY!! Woohooo!! This adorable little town is right over the state line, easy to get to and the perfect day trip from where we live. One one side you have the beautiful Hudson River and inland is the beautiful hills of Rockland County with the first signs of fall foliage.
It was the cutest little town. We both had never been before but heard it was a great day trip - and it was. There was still a chill in the air and being right on the water didn't help with that extra sea breeze, so we warmed up at a tiny coffee shop. This place was so tiny but as expected it was so cute and fit right in with the rest of the town. The front room had this cute sitting area with a library wall of books and the back was another room where you were able to order your coffee anyway you liked. It was such a relaxing place to rest up for another crazy week!
How was your weekend? Any fall foliage excitement?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday: Welcome Back

Woohoo! One of my favorite link-ups is back!! Perfect timing if you ask me! I am so excited to be linking up with these four fabulous ladies once again!
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one :: Happy Fall!! Ahh! I guess you can call me your stereotypical 'fall obsessed white girl' - yoga pants and all. If you have been around these parts you know I am obsessed with all things fall! October is my jam and very cram-packed with festivities to attend. Stick around for some good times around here.
two :: I am so crazing new fall sweaters. I picked up a few classics last year that will be rotated in but I am in dire need want NEED of new fall work clothes. Like this and this. It is already a little chilly during these NY mornings but the afternoons are hanging onto that last bit of warmth. New transition clothes are a must and I need to just take the plunge and go shopping. A plunge? Really? This is myself trying to convince myself with any excuse to shop.

three :: Family and Friends. A lot of craziness has been going on around here, some things are not particularly my place to blast out here but, in the last few weeks I have been reminded more than once that I am blessed. I am reminded to slow my hangry temper and snooty sarcastic comments more often and appreciate the love I have for the ones closest to me. Life is too short and I am truly appreciative of the loving people I surround myself with.
four :: Remember when you had a 'downtime period' at work. Not a completely empty day but at least a few moments to catch your breath, read the online newspaper or quickly check your phone for messages and noontime flash sales?! NOPE. Can't rememeber what that felt like because I haven't had one of those since.......last December. When the office is empty. And no one is here. Come back downtime!! Please!! Even for just an afternoon!
five :: I have finally joined the iPhone world. I know huge news! Ha! You don't really care. BUT I loved my Galaxy - loved it so much I had it for two years and was convinced I was upgrading to the S5. It doesn't help my brother runs 3 Verizon stores and has been working unruly hours for you iPhone fiends, I asked if I could 'try' one for a few days and I think it's here to stay folks. #converted

Hope you have a fabulous first October weekend!!