Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday!
It has been quite some time since I have participated in the Five on Friday Linkup with some lovely ladies but today I am back at it! I feel like the last few weeks have been so hectic with work and trying to stay good with the gym and personal events occurring it has been crazy! 

one :: I would love to congratulate one of my closest friends as she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! She is an amazing mommy already to her little boy and now her cute family is complete with each. Her daughter is just beautiful and I can't wait to finally visit her!! It is still crazy that my high school friends are getting married and having babies! When did we all grow up?! 

two :: This week I have been exceptionally exhausted! I had a bachelorette party last weekend I think my body has yet to catch up on sleep. Thankfully this weekend will only be filled with little errands and nothing big is going on. Sleep Sleep Sleep!

three :: Speaking of bachelorette parties and dresses, I have 3 weddings this year. I hate buying dresses knowing I am only going to wear them once. It just seems like such a waste of money to me so I am trying to find something elegant yet simple that I can add different shoes and accessories and change it up. PLUS there are bridal showers, bach parties, baby showers and births! My bank account will hate me and not blossom as much as I would like it to. All I can say is I am so excited to be celebrating so many happy moments for all my closest friends and family! 

four :: I am soooo excited tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 60s!!!! Our prayers have been answered and it looks like Spring is really putting it's foot down! I can not wait to get outside tomorrow and possibly run in the park? I am so over running on the treadmill and I am in dire need to switch it up! Yay for warmer temperatures!

five ::  A few weeks ago, my job had an event forecasting 2014 and it was held in the new World Trade building! As you can see the floors are unfinished, but I learned that this is how they real estate them and whoever leases the floor will need to put in all the pretty stuff. It was very interesting at first to think we were allowed inside while it was still unfinished, but apparently it is! It was so exciting to be one of the first people in these new buildings. As I have posted before here I love being a part of the developments being completed here at ground zero. And to top it off, we were on the 58th floor and the views were just breathtaking.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Has FINALLY Sprung!!

Courtesy of my front yard 

I hate to admit it, but like the winter weather never leaving this blog was never posting! I have been seriously MIA for a hot minute but never fear I have so many things I want to recap and discuss. First being that today is the first day of Spring! Thank the good Lord! After that insane winter we had I sure am excited to hair my hair sticking to my forehead in 90 degree weather. No seriously. I can't wait. I am such a summer bug!
Aside from the winter weather bringing me down, I have been super busy lately. I will never complain about being busy, because busy means there are things to do and means my life is full! Who can complain about that?! Tomorrow is Friday and if this Spring weather sticks I will be out and about all weekend! As usual. But at least this weekend we won't have to run from the car to the store to the car to the gym to the car to the house....over it.
Thank you Spring for arriving and your first day being in the 50s! Progress is all we ask for here in Jersey! Hope everyone's first day of Spring is smiley and sunny!