Friday, May 30, 2014

Carabox Reveal

Well hello blog. How are you? Surving? Good!
Today I am posting up my Carabox I received this month from my new bloggy bestie Jess! A million thanks to the Wifessionals Carabox exchange, I had the opportunity to make friends with this lovely lady and receive an amazing bunch of goodies! Not only did I meet one Jess, I also met my second new favorite blogger...Jess over at 5 Hearts, One Family who I had the honor of sending a box to. (After several attempts to her very secluded home, it should be there any second Jess!)
Cara Box is a unique way to meet other ladies, be encouraging, and develop precious friendships. Every quarter you are able to sign up and be paired with two women. You get to know them and at the end of the quarter, you send a box of goodies to one and receive from the other. This is my second Carabox exchange and so far I have met some amazing ladies! To learn how to become involved in Cara Box, click here.
I received this awesome box the day I came home from vacation - BEST.TIMING.EVER! Jess sent me homemade rasberry jam, office goodies - which I will absolutely take advantage of being I spend my days at my desk working. And she sent me perfect had written words as you see above. Jess has her own antique shop on instagram and you should totally check her out! Amazing stuff people, I love snooping! Now all I need is a house to put things in and I will be splurging over there!

Thanks Jess for my Carabox and to both my Jess's for allowing me to be a part of your life for the last 3 months!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Through all the busy going on, I had to stop an acknowledge that my boys have done it again!! We were down 3-1 in a 7 game series against the Penguins and we WON!! To say I have had several mini heart attacks in the last week would be an understatement! Last night's game was super intesnse but we fought hard and we wanted it bad. Ahh! Can't believe we are moving on to the next round! I am busy packing for my trip and running last minute errands, but I HAD to brag about it! (Not like any of the players know I'm bragging so hard!!) I can't wait for the next series to start!
So Proud!! LETS GO!! :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday: Vacation Time

So I am going to play this a little differently this week because....

Next week I am headed to Savannah, GA!!!! It is one of the places I have been DYING to visit and I am going to spend a few days there with one of my roomies from college!

one :: I can't wait to spend a few days with one of my favorite girls! It's strange to think we spent every day together for 2 years when we lived at school and now we see each other maybe once a month! It's terrible that life has gotten in the way of our visits, but we still talk all the time and this trip I'm am positive we will pick up right where we left off.
two :: River Street. I heard that there are a bunch of restaurants and bars on River St. Plus it's beautiful scenary. We are such foodies I can't wait to have some good ol' southern cooking.
three :: In addition to the food, I also heard you can walk around the streets and drink! P.A.R.T.Y. I know its a quaint little town full of history, but what's a good history lesson without a few drinks in ya?!
four :: I plan on visiting all of the little shops and touristy places while I am there. The plantations, the boutiques, the parks, the cemetary tours, bike rides...I plan to do it all!!! I can't wait to see all of the historical homes throughout the city and the huge drapping trees. Gahh! It's going to be beautiful!

five :: Hopefully, we can make a day trip up to Charleston! I hear that is another beautiful town and I would love to get a chance to see it while I was down there. I'm praying for good weather so we can fit everything in as planned!!
Pray for nice weather in south!!
If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for places or things to see in Savannah I'd LOVE your advice!! =)


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love It or Hate It: Chapter 3

I L.O.V.E chapstick! I will choose chapstick over lipstick or lip gloss any day of the week. Why you ask? That's very strange for a girl in the business world who always needs to look her best. Well, I will tell you why. I like the way it feels! I personally think I look strange when I have lots of color on my lips, I am always self-conscious of whether it is all over my face or my teeth and sometimes lipsticks and glosses smell weird. Not my thing. Plus, I never feel like a lipstick or a gloss truly gives my lips that nourishing unchapped feeling. Let's be honest this winter has been pretty brutal and walking in the city on a windy wintery day does some sever damage. Chapstick just gets the job done.
For years and years I have been using the same chapstick. YEARS. But just recently that has changed and it has become a big deal around these parts. Silly people! Unfortunately, I am not going to brag about it during this post, that will be my next chapter, but I am here to give my first "Hate It" review.
I hate to "Hate It" (haha) because I don't really hate this product I just wasn't as impressed as the rest of the world bragged which was a little bit of a let down. I'm talking about the eos evolution of smooth sweet mint scent. NO BUENOS.
Sweet Mint Lip Balm from Evolution of Smooth
In the beginning it was great! It was cute and felt smooth putting it on, but at the end of the day I want my chapstick to moistorize my lips - get rid of the dry cracked feeling and this just didn't do that for me. I found myself putting it on more often than I usually do and when I am in meetings for hours, I don't have the opportunity to bring anything by my computer, a water and my ID up 5 floors. I just wasn't happy with it. A little extra complaint for ya, the smell. At first it smelt like sweet mint gum and I thought "This is a great alternative! I smell fresh without having to chomp on gum!" Uhm no. After a few weeks it started to smell skunky. Even with a boyfriend that shit ain't cute! Now I don't know if anyone else had this issue, maybe I purchased a bad batch but it was strange! I didn't want to use it even though it was the only one I had in my bag, because the smell was so icky!

Like I said if anyone has never had this issue I'd love to hear about it, or if you have had the same thoughts on eos. I know there are other flavors but I think I might pass and stick with what I know and what make my lips happy!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Look Up

As you may or may not have noticed, this spec of blogland has been quite neglected lately. Work has picked up as I have spoken about the last few weeks, wedding shenanigans have been occuring and fitting time in for the gym, family, boyfriend, friends has taken a priority over all things blog. And to be completely honest I was a mess about it at first. I even said to the boo, "ugh I haven't blogged in so long! I have so many things I want to post about and so many events I want to document on the blog but I just haven't!" For the last few weeks, saying I have had a lot going on is an understatement and in the few moments I have time for me, I have been spending it with my dad and boyfriend watching the NY Rangers in the Playoffs. Or I've been hanging out with my cousins ordering pizza and wings acting like we were kids again, picking on each other, laughing and busting each others chops. To me that is where my time has been most valuable.

Like I said I was upset about it at first. I told myself time and time again I would try my hardest to be consistent with my blog and I just haven't been. Now I am comforted that it's okay not to post 10 times a week. That as much as I would like to have a ba-zillion followers and be able to provide so good stuff to read for those followers, my blog is for me first. So if I don't post it's okay! If I am exhausted from a week of crazy followed by a weekend of crazier it's okay to skip the blog and head to bed at 7:30pm (don't judge).
And then yesterday, I saw this.

And I realized that all my frustration with blogging truly didn't matter. We don't realize how much time we spend on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. until you actually see something like this and sit back and actually think about it. I'm glad I have been spending my time on the couch with dad and celebrating monumental moments in my friends lives rather than focusing on my social media. I'd hate to say I'M BACK because I know I have another bunch of crazy weeks ahead but I will post when I post. And I'm glad that I can now say I'm cool with that. I can only imagine how mothers of 4 manage school, soccer, dance, and all their motherly duties plus blogging and I guess I will learn how to adapt when the time comes, but for now my blog will progress..well whenever it progresses.

Anyone else feel like they are pressured to post when they just don't have the time?
Or are you spending your time someplace more valuable to you?