Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday: Welcome Back

Woohoo! One of my favorite link-ups is back!! Perfect timing if you ask me! I am so excited to be linking up with these four fabulous ladies once again!
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one :: Happy Fall!! Ahh! I guess you can call me your stereotypical 'fall obsessed white girl' - yoga pants and all. If you have been around these parts you know I am obsessed with all things fall! October is my jam and very cram-packed with festivities to attend. Stick around for some good times around here.
two :: I am so crazing new fall sweaters. I picked up a few classics last year that will be rotated in but I am in dire need want NEED of new fall work clothes. Like this and this. It is already a little chilly during these NY mornings but the afternoons are hanging onto that last bit of warmth. New transition clothes are a must and I need to just take the plunge and go shopping. A plunge? Really? This is myself trying to convince myself with any excuse to shop.

three :: Family and Friends. A lot of craziness has been going on around here, some things are not particularly my place to blast out here but, in the last few weeks I have been reminded more than once that I am blessed. I am reminded to slow my hangry temper and snooty sarcastic comments more often and appreciate the love I have for the ones closest to me. Life is too short and I am truly appreciative of the loving people I surround myself with.
four :: Remember when you had a 'downtime period' at work. Not a completely empty day but at least a few moments to catch your breath, read the online newspaper or quickly check your phone for messages and noontime flash sales?! NOPE. Can't rememeber what that felt like because I haven't had one of those since.......last December. When the office is empty. And no one is here. Come back downtime!! Please!! Even for just an afternoon!
five :: I have finally joined the iPhone world. I know huge news! Ha! You don't really care. BUT I loved my Galaxy - loved it so much I had it for two years and was convinced I was upgrading to the S5. It doesn't help my brother runs 3 Verizon stores and has been working unruly hours for you iPhone fiends, I asked if I could 'try' one for a few days and I think it's here to stay folks. #converted

Hope you have a fabulous first October weekend!!


  1. Yay for iPhone conversion...and for sweater shopping! I'm thinking I need a few new fall "staples" too! Online shopping for me though...

  2. Girl I am so with you on the "typical white girl" fall obsessing and loving and I don't care. Everything about fall is the BEST. Also, I am soooooooooooooooo with you on the "downtime at work". I swear most days I am dragging myself out and it's only going to be getting worse. Sounds like you and I need Pumpkin Spice IV's haha